Can I make my sculpture in any material for you to mould and cast?2020-04-21T10:41:47+00:00

Yes we can make a mould of almost any material ie wood, resin, plaster of paris, water based clay, wax based clay etc, but there are some restrictions when adding other elements to the sculpture ie lace, material and other items that you might want to use on your sculpture so contact us to ask our advise before you start your project.

Are there restrictions on the thickness of protruding pieces on my sculpture?2020-04-21T10:42:02+00:00

On normal lost wax casting there are restrictions and we might have to use other methods of casting ie vacuum or centrifugal casting which might have cost implications so contact us for advice.

What technique does the foundry use to cast the majority of work?2020-04-21T10:42:18+00:00

Lost wax casting, see the process link to understand this method of casting that uses the natural force of gravity only.

My sculpture cannot be moved out of my studio, can you do on site moulding?2020-04-21T10:42:38+00:00

Yes we can, contact us with the details so we can discuss your options.

Can you cast any size sculpture?2020-04-21T10:43:04+00:00

Yes we have cast miniature to monumental sculptures.

Micheal Huggo - Dancing Sculpture