Bronze Art Casting Services

The Loop Art Foundry is a “one stop art casting shop”, from the initial concept & designs on paper to the three-dimensional sculpture in clay. Moulding and casting it through to patination. Mounting & finishing a exhibition ready artwork. Delivery and installation is available, as well as international shipping through our trusted freight partners. Our years of experience and expertise are at your disposal.

Project Consultation & Management

Our team will go over the needs of your project such as design, budget, schedule, patina, base or mounting requirements and other services needed to ensure that you receive the most accurate estimate for your Project. We also offer our expertise of project management to make sure that all parties involved are kept in “the loop” and that all elements and everyone involved reach their specific goals and completion in the specific scheduled time. We consult with artists on their projects before sculpting starts to make sure that all aspects of the correct armature construction and sculpture engineering are followed and incorporated from the very beginning of the creative process.

Horse Sculpture
Bronza Art Sculpture

Concept & Design

Our artists are capable of bringing your concepts to life through meeting with you and understanding the elements that you would like to incorporate in your design or they will research the subjects and message that you would like to bring across and present these ideas to you in a proposal for approval.

In House Sculpting

Each Project is analysed and the correct sculptor is chosen for the project based on their specialities and experience. In other instances the commission is sent to our sculptors for their interpretation of the piece and the client has the purgative to choose the artist style and idea they most like based on the sculptors Portfolio.


Our foundry partners are capable of reproducing any sculpture in an enlarged size with great detail.

Mould Making

We make silicon rubber moulds with resin, m1 or plaster covers depending on the project and requirements, Cost saving once of moulds can be made from resin on sculptures that allow it. Correct mould making is the most important step to reproducing your detail exactly and our mould making techniques are world class.

Bronze Casting

We offer full service casting but artist that like to be more involved in some process are welcome to ask for costings with exclusions of wax casting and chasing as well as bronze chasing and patination.


Our foundry boasts with some of the best patina techniques and colours in the country, from traditional to exotic and colourful. Our patina artists trained in America with a leading Silicon Bronze Patina artist, and the results speak for them self. We offer a stand alone patina service to anyone wanting a patina done.

African Stone Sculpture


Our artists and metal fabricators are able to help construct different elements and bases of your project in wax for casting or directly into metal.

Bases & Mounting

We offer a wide selection of standard and template bases in wood, granite and perspex with a protection of felt, leather or cork, mounted for you for your convenience.

Crating & Shipping

We have created trustworthy relationships for local and international crating and shipping, and We can assist you with this at your request.

Transportation & Installation

We have our own large vehicle for transporting sculptures and for monumental pieces we have business partners who we have been working with us for years that know what our needs are for large projects and installations ie Crane Hire. Our expertise and available options will be discussed at the beginning stages of your project.

Conservation & Restoration

We offer consultations and reports of specific sculptures, monuments and other public art for the best possible maintenance programs. Our restoration service is available for those pieces that have been left to deteriorate or that have been damaged and vandalized with stolen or missing pieces that need to be restored back to their original form.

Corporate Sculpture Rental

Corporate sculpture rental is available to large companies for their receptions and boardrooms On a rotation basis as well as for movie or production sets. Terms and conditions apply.

Sculpting Process